“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been actively pursuing the creative processes in my head. It started with drawing and sketching, the occasional painting and abstract creations in various colours. I remember having clouds painted on the ceiling of my bedroom, or that time I had a wall-painting of a dolphin and the sunset next to my bed.
I bought my first digital camera when I was 18, but on these small trips down memory lane, I’ve constantly been supplied with the proof that I’ve always loved taking photographs. I took me a while to realise what exactly I held in my hands – it was the moment a simple hobby grew into a passion. now, when I’m holding my camera, I am holding me heart. I fell in love with photography, and film photography in particular – that’s a whole new adventure in a frame.
When I’m not busy running around with a camera, I’ll be picturing myself like a combination of Robin Hood and Link – I just take my dog, grab my camera, go some place and get lost, and call that an adventure.”

a.e. 1989.


tess is a self taught, freelance photographer with a focus on documenting the world. despite her creative mind, she received her bachelor of Criminology in 2014, but since then has acquired several other degrees, among which are Journalism and Photojournalism. she’s currently chasing a TEFL certificate and actively trying to earn a certificate in English Composition. besides pursuing her passion for and a career in photography, she is also a (self-proclaimed) writer and a wanderlust by heart.

she likes to call herself a ‘documentrist’ in heart and soul, aiming to document the world around her through photographs and written word. this translates itself into working as a freelance photographer, as well as focussing on event, band and live music photography. combining two dear passions – travel and photography – she works as a travel photographer too. in an attempt to grasp the world that exists both through her eyes as well as in her head and mind, she writes in secret and only publishes once in a blue moon.

tess’ images tell their own stories, which she normally doesn’t disclose. instead, she prefers to keep them as they are – silent whispers in a dark corner of her mind. she strives to let her pictures learn how to speak for themselves, have them fight to find the right words to be described as while giving the viewer a chance to go on a journey with the image, as well as letting the observers create a story for themselves.

for tess’ photography website, go here tessjanssen.net.

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